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Phase I - Mountain Light Institute
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Construction Phase I

In order to complete Phase I, we need to raise some money. To complete it quickly by hiring professionals, we will need approximately US$90,000. The estimates below reflect this. If we do all the work ourselves, our need will be significantly less; however, the project will take at least 3–4 times as long to complete, if not longer.

Upon completion of Phase I and opening the school, we will begin to generate an income, which we can then apply to Phase II as funds allow. We will also need to construct additional staff housing.

Our current goal, however, is to raise US$90,000 for the completion of Phase I. Will you help us reach that goal?

Phase I Details

Item Estimated Cost Estimated Time
Permanent restroom facilities US$4,000 2 weeks
2 buildings (both required by the permit) US$80,000 2 months (if funds are sufficient to hire a contractor)
Permanent bridge (required by the building permit) US$6,000 1 week
Estimated total cost US$90,000 3 months (if funds are sufficient; otherwise it will take much longer)
  1. The school will be able to open upon completion of phase I.
  2. Phase I student capacity: 10

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